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This weeks Canadian Achiever is the final column until further notice. For details click here

"This cop bought the doughnut shop"

Ron Joyce

In 1965 Ron Joyce and his wife operated a small Dairy Queen outlet on Main Street in Hamilton, Ontario. His wife ran it: he worked there while not on duty with the Hamilton Police Force

One day Ron, 35, showed an advertising salesman a boarded- up gas station around the corner on Ottawa Street. He said he was resigning from the police force to open a doughnut/ coffee shop. He explained how he and NHL hockey star Tim Horton were forming a 50-50 partnership with plans to franchise a chain of doughnut shops under Tim’s name.

The salesman urged him not to.

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Dick Drew’s ‘Canadian Achievers’ weekly column provides upbeat perspective on Canada we don’t often see.

–Brian Wilford, Editor, Cowichan Valley Citizen The Citizen was the first newspapers to sign up for the series.


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